JP de Oliveira, Graphic Designer

icarros Itaú

Itaú's automative marketplace

Client   Itaú Unibanco S.A.
Agency   anacouto
Year   2023
Role   Graphic Design


Project information
In 2022, during my time at anacouto, I had the opportunity to work on the development of the new branding of icarros Itaú – launched in March 2023.

icarros began its journey 15 years ago with the aim of strengthening mobility in the country, reinforcing the digitization of vehicle buying, selling, and financing. The company is the automotive marketplace of Itaú Unibanco, holding within its ecosystem the credential of the most valuable brand in Latin America. The increasing demand for used cars has been driving the automotive sector and fueling the emergence of online platforms, but many are still heavily focused on hard sell - leaving room for improvement. Recognizing this evolution, icarros sought, through its branding project, a renewal in its value proposition and a new way to connect with people.

The diagnostic investigation involved in-depth interviews with company executives and partners. In addition to focus groups and quantitative research with potential consumers and users, as well as market and competition analyses. Throughout the process, examining the insights gained, an important brand strength stood out: the corporate culture and the team's relationship with the organization. Additionally, we identified an important need in the market: a journey to help people navigate this market, starting from the very beginning. The insights led us to an insight: the transaction moment of a car is a moment of change, important to people. We understood that with an easy, reliable, and accessible experience, icarros could encourage people to take a big step in their lives. Thus, icarros assumed its purpose of “Guiding people's desire for movement,” inspiring the passion that drives life.

The new brand needed to reflect its personality and build closeness with the Itaú brand. We knew that, given the segment operating in the blue territory, we needed a new color that could be more easily associated with icarros. In this context, orange met both challenges. Additionally, we used purple to highlight the vibrant personality and gray to reinforce the brand's credibility. And to reinforce our purpose, we relied on a visual universe that reinforces movement through typography, photography, and illustrations. The verbal universe gives consistency to the new personality with tones of voice that emphasize the energy of movement, the art of storytelling, and the ability to explain everything in an easy way.

anacouto Team:
⤷ Partner, Executive VP: Fernanda Galluzzi
⤷ Growth: Carolina Sá
⤷ Creative Director: Bruno Guimarães
⤷ Design Director: Rafael Torres
⤷ Graphic Design: JP de Oliveira, Teo Menna
⤷ Copywriting: Juliana Furtado
⤷ Art Direction: Gabriel Reis
⤷ Account Management: Danielle Cambeses
⤷ Planning: Igor Cardoso, Luísa Moura, Vitor Duarte.
⤷ Media: Marcelle Villar, Priscila Menezes, Ralph Brito
⤷ Production: Walter Júnior

Video Production: Santeria
Audio Production: ALMA 11:11 ÁUDIO
Campaign Photography: Marcos Lopes

icarros Itaú Team:
⤷ Thianny Herculano, Head of Open Innovation
⤷ Giselle Tachinardi, CMO
⤷ Beatriz Guarezi, Branding and Communication Head
⤷ Pâmela Nunes, Communication and Branding Coordinator

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