JP de Oliveira, Graphic Designer

Nada será como antes

The unplugged EP by Milton Nascimento

Client   Universal Music
Year   2018
Role   Art Direction, Graphic Design

Project information
All the songs were composed during the Brazilian Military Dictatorship (1964-1985). The EP's title, "Nada Será Como Antes"(=Nothing Will Be As Before) summarizes this feeling of hope for better days — so well applied to 2018 in Brazil and many others places around the world.

Considering this context, the cover art is the union of the black stripe that alludes to mourning and censorship, and with the serene look of someone who knows that better days will come.
Graphic Design: JP de Oliveira

Photography: Augusto Kesrouani

Font: Tenez, by Plau

Universal Music Group Team:
⤷ Marketing Manager: Eduardo Felix
⤷ Label Manager: Bárbara Cotta
⤷ Marketing Assistant: Frances Will


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