JP de Oliveira, Graphic Designer

Sorriso Rei

An EP that pay homage to Brazilian Black Music.

Client   Universal Music
Year   2020
Role   Art Direction, Graphic Design

Project information
In celebration of the Black Consciousness Month, the singer, songwriter and producer Mahmundi, with Universal Music, launches the Sorriso Rei project. Made mostly by black people, she intends to honor and revisit great Black Music artists. The first two honoured are Gilberto Gil, who will have his classic Tempo Rei revisited by Xande de Pilares, Léo Santana and Priscila Tossan, and Jovelina Pérola Negra, who will be honoured by Mumuzinho, Malía, MC Zaac and Ruby with the re-reading of Sorriso Aberto, a song that won the world over in the voice of the iconic performer.

The clean look lives up to what was already worked on Mahmundi's album covers; the lettering not only alludes to the 80s Brazilian black music aesthetics, but also in geometry itself, a branch of mathematics with African origin; the yellow color symbolises the sun, wealth and royalty; the blue color is related to the 'Tempo Rei' original cover; the pink color is related to the 'Sorriso Aberto' original cover; and the red color represents passion and fight.
Creative Direction: Marcela Vale

Art Direction, Graphic Design: JP de Oliveira

Font: Novecentos Sans Wide, by Jan Tonellato (Synthview)

Universal Music Team:
⤷ Marketing Manager: Eduardo Felix
⤷ Label Manager: Leonardo Nunes


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